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$19,999 Luxury iPads – Limited Edition Diamond iPad


There is doubt that the Apple iPad has become “the” trending topic on and off of the Internet … we bet you haven’t seen this “iced out” i-baby! This is one of our favorite geeky luxury mobile toys. We wonder if you agree!?
We have to admit that the iPad is a cool gadget, though not without some usability and technical deficiencies (no us ports, easy jailbreak hacks, poor multi-function capabilities). Even with mentions of the desired limited edition iPads and back orders, there is one that is not stirring attention on the local news channels., but can find this iPad all over the Internet. It’s a luxurious beauty for sure!


Limited Edition Luxury iPad

(Tacori Diamond-Coated)
Sold by Mervis Diamond Importers – $19,999
This luxury iPad has all of the “bells and whistles” of the regular iPads (3G, touch screen, 64 gigs of flash memory, ibookstore), but just short of $20k and with gorgeous 11.43 diamond carats (Tacori Diamonds), it is the most expensive iPad in the world.
Makes one wonder who will own one of these extravagant, luxury mobile and geeky toys, right?

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