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5 Most Helpful Holiday Entertaining Tips

There are few things more fun than holiday entertaining, but some of us struggle in doing it right. Holiday entertaining is simple at its core. The basic motivation is in creating a festive and relaxed environment for co-workers, friends and family. Yet,this does always has its own unique challenges especially if your new to it or crunched for time / budget. Here are some tips to help make sure your next holiday get-together is a complete success.
Help Everyone Feel Comfortable
Holiday gatherings should be fun and inviting, but tension in the home can quickly destroy the fun atmosphere you worked so hard to create. While it is important to have a clean, festive space and to serve tasty food, your primary focus should always be on keeping everyone in a good mood, even when the unexpected happens. Having a positive attitude, and reminding each guest how happy you are to see them are great ways to help everyone feel comfortable and valued. Also, make sure to offer everyone plenty of food and drinks; it’s a lot easier to be content with a full belly! Most importantly, stay relaxed. While you may want to be the perfect host, stressing about the details will only make you tense, which could create an uncomfortable experience for your guests.
Prepare Food Ahead Of Time
The holidays are a busy time and people are always looking for ways to save time and lower their stress levels. Thankfully, preparing your food ahead of time can give you the few vital hours you need to get everything done before you start entertaining. Many side dishes and desserts are perfect for refrigerating or freezing ahead of time, and you can make them hours or days in advance. If you are unsure about handling a favorite dish, don’t worry. There are many recipe books and online resources that list the best ways to prepare specific foods and recipes ahead of time, including health and safety directions. Also, consider making a list of “short-cut” recipes that need less time to prepare than your traditional favorites. Serving turkey breast as the main course, for example, will save you hours of cooking time over preparing a whole bird.
Create A Stunning Table Setting
Many people spend their holidays around the table, and nothing puts everyone in a festive mood quite like eating around a tasteful table setting. Even better, you don’t need to spend a lot to create a space you and your guests will always remember. All you need is a nice tablecloth, festive dinnerware, and a beautiful centerpiece to get everyone in the holiday spirit. You can use anything from a simple candle or vase of flowers to an expensive work of art as your centerpiece, but it shouldn’t be large enough to prevent people from interacting across the table. If it is, you should remove it before seating guests. Also, make sure your dining area isn’t too crowded; there is nothing worse than eating in a cramped space.
How To Avoid Conflict
Holiday entertaining is all about having fun with loved ones, but conflict can quickly ruin even the most successful party. You should always avoid inviting people that don’t get along, as they could sour the mood of the entire group, even if they are on their best behavior. While painful, this is better than having a few people ruin the experience for everyone else. Of course, entertaining people who don’t get along well is sometimes unavoidable, but you can always remind them why they came: to enjoy delicious food and good company. If they continue to cause problems, however, tell them politely and firmly that you don’t want conflict in your home and they are ruining the experience for everyone else. Remember, you can always ask them to leave.
Transportation Services
Make professional parties and holiday events even more convenient for you and / or your guests by providing professional car service. This guarantees that your important guests have a stress free and festively wonderful time knowing that a safe ride home is waiting for them. On the other hand, if the event is scheduled to end early and you want to show VIP clients, friends or family members an extra festive time, you Pittsburgh Limo will be waiting to take the load off for you, so you all have a wonderful time. Perfect for Christmas light tours or nights on the town during the holidays for theater, events or romantic dinners.
No one likes stressing out over the holidays, but by staying relaxed and focusing on your guests’ needs, you can make sure everyone has a good time at your next holiday party.

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