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$9,269,400 / £7million Electric Superbus – WOW!

Holland’s Superbus = Incredible Electric-Powered Limo

We are all “OOOOOOHs and AWWWWWWs” over this new $9,269,400 electric-powered “superbus” designed by a team in the The Netherlands. Who wouldn’t be? It is a 23 passenger “Lamborghini” style limousine that is capable of up to 155 mph (250 kph). WOW!!!
Superbus is the inspiration of professor Wubbo Ockels (1st Dutch astronaut in space). He serves as project manager accompanied by Antonia Terzi (former chief aerodynamicist of the BMW-Williams Formula 1 team) as the head designer for the project and Joris Melkert, aerospace engineer, as head of logistics and infrastructure matters. The team are part of the AeroSpace for Sustainable Engineering & Technology (ASSET) program at Delft University of Technology. Sponsors have contributed, though funding has been predominantly by the Dutch state.
In addition to Superbus’s amazing speed and style, this 50 foot Superbus limousine is a sustainable design. Powered by lithium polymers, it is electrically powered limo that uses rechargeable batteries. The vehicle uses low energy because of it’s lightweight and “streamlined construction”. It has a Carbon fiber chassis and thermoplastic reinforced fiberglass body.
The prototype of Superbus was shown at the World Exhibition of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) in Dubai in 2011 in an attempt to attract investors for development of a test infrastructure. The Dutch transported the limo bus in a jet, and was driven between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Can you imagine riding in this super stretch electric-powered Superbus?Dutch Superbus is an eco-friendly 23 passenger limo bus for limousine rental services.

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