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Pittsburgh Steelers Football. Super Bowl XLV. Congrats


Pittsburgh Steelers ROCKED New York Jets … Didn’t they?

You guessed it!!! We could barely find our family and friends on Facebook last Sunday, January 23, 2011. It was as if Pittsburgh Steelers fans “shut down” from the world as we spent the whole day watching football. First, the Green Bay Packers SQUASH the Chicago Bears (Packers won 21 to 14). This geared us all up for the “REAL GAME” between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets (Steelers won 24 to 19) … Now, we are cheering the “home team” all the way to another Super Bowl … We have no doubt that the Steelers will win Super Bowl XLV. There is no need for Green Bay fans to have a “pack attack” over that last statement. The Packer and Steelers Super Bowl stats are below …

Congrats to the Pittsburgh Steelers … you ROCKED it again … as we knew you would!!!

Super Bowl IX (1975) – Pittsburgh Steelers 16, Minnesota Vikings 6
Super Bowl X (1976) – Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Dallas Cowboys 17
Super Bowl XIII (1979) – Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Dallas 31
Super Bowl XIV (1980) – Pittsburgh Steelers 31, Los Angeles Rams 19
Super Bowl XXX (1996) – Dallas 27, Pittsburgh Steelers 17
Super Bowl XL (2006) – Pittsburgh Steelers 21, Seattle Seahawks 10
Super Bowl XLIII (2009) – Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23

Super Bowl XLV (2011) – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl I (1996) – Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl II (1967) – Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders
Super Bowl XXXI (1997) – Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots

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