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Pittsburgh Weather Blues


Does the snow have you singing the blues? As beautiful as the first snowfall can be, it is just as dangerous and time consuming. Pittsburgh winters are somewhat depressing for some. Here are some tips for surviving the Pittsburgh weather blues …

Weather proof your home.
– There is nothing worse than cold mornings or battling drafts from windows and doors.
Invest in a Snow Blower, John Deere, Hire Neighborhood Kids, etc.
– Make it easier on yourself; shoveling gets old and is back breaking.
Get a “remote starter” for your car.
– Set the defrost on high when you park for the evening, so that you get a jump start in the morning.
Make sure you are well stocked up.
– Get more bottled water, canned goods, frozen foods, coffee and items that you buy more frequently.
Do “things” that you typically do not have time to do.
– Do your taxes, catch up on work, play board games, bake with the kids … spring clean early.
Exercise the winter blues away!
– Stop letting your Use that Wii Fit and exercise equipment catch dust. Create an exercise routine!
Save your vacation / sick days …
Although the weather is unpredictable from year to year, Pittsburgers know what to expect this time of year. We expect snow, snow and more snow until Spring break. Save as many of those sick days or vacation days for when the kids have snow days or when you just cannot battle the Pittsburgh weather!
How are you surviving the Pittsburgh weather?

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