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Stress-free Holiday Planning – Traveling With The Kids

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Before you start eyeing that bottle of eggnog with anticipation or counting down the minutes until your holiday vacation, relax! While the holidays are a stressful time for most people, they’re completely possible to survive. Whether you plan to travel an hour down the road to visit your parents or you’re trip is halfway across the country to visit loved ones in Pittsburgh, having a stress-free holiday trip with your kids is something that anyone can accomplish; you just have to know how.

Holiday Travel With Kids Takes Organization & Technology

When you travel with kids, understand that it’s normal for them to feel bored. Even the calmest, most well-behaved kids will occasionally get tired and whine, “HOW MUCH LONGER?”, “I’M HUNGRY”, “I WANT TO GET UP”. Consider packing extra activities for your children to avoid getting anxious or feeling stressed while traveling with kids. Items to include are coloring books, crayons, kid tablet, hand held games, movies, novels, flash cards or even a few new phone apps to occupy your children and keep them busy while you travel. Additionally, if you don’t have one already, investing in a DVD player that you can strap to the back of the seat. This can be much more convenient for everyone and give your child(ren) a break from holding the tablet or phone. Sometimes the just want to chill and enjoy the ride! All of these child friendly itThe Benedum Center for the Performing Artsems are also easy to carry with you while out and about during your stay in Pittsburgh. Remember that if you do take advantage of technology on your trip, you’ll want to pack extra adapters and chargers, as well as plenty of batteries to last the length of your trip.

Plan Ahead Of Time For Holiday Travel

While you should always think positively and hope for the best, realize that when you travel with kids, stuff happens. The more prepared you are before you leave for your destination, the better your travel experience will be. Plan Ahead! Pack paper towels and plastic bags in case your child(ren) gets sick and might need to throws up while in the car. Pack baby wipes even if you have a big kid / older children. Include more diapers than you ever thought possible if traveling with an infant or toddler. Make extra clothes accessible in case of any spills or accidents. Always pack extras for both you and your kids. Don’t forget the travel friendly snacks and drinks (taking a small cooler if possible), just in case you hit a stretch where you can’t stop for a while. If flying instead of driving, make sure to contact the airline ahead of time to make sure that you pack only what they approve for the flight and also what they would suggest to make your child(ren) more comfortable.

Confirm Reservations For Car Inspection or Flight, Hotel, Limousine, Activities

You’ll also want to make sure to confirm travel reservations ahead of time. Even if you booked your trip months in advance, double check to make sure that everything is taken care of and ready. Are you driving? Make sure to have your car checked over before taking your trip. It’s certainly no fun being broke down when it’s cold outside. You will also want to make sure to have both credit card(s) and cash on hand when traveling on the road. You never know when an emergency will arise where your card won’t work. Other details like having your bus or plane tickets, boarding passes and proper identification is important? Make sure to have the address of your hotel, details for which shuttle service they use or how to get to the car rental in time? Another important detail is having your itenary of activities in order. Are you planning to attend a performance of the Nut Cracker at Heinz Hall or The Benedum Center for the Performing Arts? Did you schedule your limousine or car service for the theater? Are you planing for any other special events or have the details for back up activities for the family to do together. Have everything ready before you walk out the front door. The last thing you need is to arrive at your destination only to find that your reservations were lost and the hotels are all booked.

Traveling With Kids Creates Memories – Can We Help You?

Traveling with our children creates those once in a lifetime opportunities that drive our memories. It should be an enjoyable occasion despite all, so we hope that these tips useful for your holiday travel planning. Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US should you have plans that require luxury transportation while in Pittsburgh. It would be our honor to drive you to the theater or other holiday events you have planned such as a Christmas light show, night out for dinner or even Pittsburgh Sightseeing services.

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